This Fendi Belt for a guy - YAY or NAY ? *with pics*

  1. Ladies,

    Shopping for my fiance is such a chore because he is SO picky. I always need reassurance that I am choosing the right thing for him.

    Anyway he said he wants a belt (casual). YAY or Nay to this Fendi Belt ?


    The belt is reversible so the other side looks like this:


    Thankyou in advance ! Opinions much appreciated.
  2. Sorry I don't like it. I personally would go something that is all leather with a nice buckle.
  3. Anyone else ? Please keep the opinions coming.
  4. i feel kinda meh about it. i wouldn't buy it for my husband, but i don't totally hate it.
  5. No no no no. The FF print needs to stay where it belongs, on the inside of a fab bag. Especially for a man, such a belt would merely garner unwanted attention.

    I agree that a simple leather belt is best. I don't think Fendi is the right label for this gift; Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton, or Mulberry would be more suitable.
  6. I say nay. I wouldn't like it for a guy or girl. I agree that a simpler leather belt is best.
  7. question you believe that your guy can pull it off? I know plenty of dudes in my life that could rock that belt and not look a mess. Picture it with a simple white tee and sand blasted dark jeans. Tee tucked in except for in the front so the buckle will show. Simple shoes with the option of a black or cocoa blazer...yummy. Or he could replace the tee with a basic button down tucked-in dress shirt with jeans or nice slacks. Endless possibilities;)
  8. :yucky: I stand by what I said.
  9. Very well put! I couldnt agree more!
  10. erm ok:s we are all here to help...guess it is not wanted here.
  11. :sad::shame: !! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to sound condescending; I suppose that smiley wasn't the best choice.
  12. I don't like it, because of the conspicuous Fs. And I am the owner of a Zucca Spy and a Zucca calf hair De go figure?

    But, I know my DH would not wear it, because of the logo Fs. A woven leather would have enough pizzaz, and be low key enough and casual for my DH. For ideas, look at NM online. There is a really nice suede Ferragamo belt.
  13. :love:No prob
  14. Sorry I think its a Nay. I agree that a simple leather belt would be better. :biggrin:
  15. Any pics/suggestions of simple leather belts would be much appreciated. Thanks for killing this lemming as I wasn't too sure about it in the first place.