This feels like a silly question.. "Cheap" LV items?

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  1. What are the cheapest LV items out there? Is there anything under $150 US?

    Or let me rephrase the question - if someone wanted to get you something from LV, what would you ask for? (And let's imagine that you would not want to ask for something pricey)...

  2. I believe the cheapest LV item is the cles/key pouch? It starts at $200. I think you should get something that you love and will make a good use of it. Otherwise it'd end up sitting in your closet and it'd be a waste, KWIM?
  3. You could always ask for a giftcard/store credit?
  4. How about a bandeau, $165? Personally I'd prefer the $200 key pouch. :smile: Gift card is a good idea too.
  5. A gift card sounds like good idea. Then you can browse and chose something you would like.
  6. Cheapest item (I think) is a luggage tag if they allow you to purchase. (Sometimes stores don't allow this unless you have purchased luggage). I picked one up in Hawaii for $50.
  7. I would definitely use a key pouch! I have been wanting one for so long, as I don't have one. When the multicolore was out, I didn't get it; and now it's one of my big LV regrets.

    Thanks, I know what you mean. Bandeau fits the price range but I really won't be using it so that would be a waste for me.
  8. As much as I would LOVE that, I would be too embarassed to ask (from this person at least). It feels like asking for cash right? Haha.. Tricky tricky.
  9. Leopard bandeau for $165 or Cles starting at $200 but make sure these are items you would actually want though.
  10. THAT is a good idea.. Heatstamped and all right? Hmm.. I'll put that on the list (in my mind) along with the key pouch.. and decide later on when I get the phone call..

    Thank you!
  11. I didn't realize a bandeau would fit the price range! (I thought they cost more for some reason)..

    But a bandeau is really something I wouldn't use. (Unless it's the discontinued black multicolore one which I can use for my petit noe drawstring!). It would sit in my drawer and be such a waste to ask for.. So I will have to pass on any current bandeau for now.

    Thanks for suggesting though!
  12. OHHH question!

    Does LV sell bag straps? Maybe a bag strap to convert my old Speedy into a B? (I know, I know, many say this is not good but I really want to do it haha)

    Or how about those chains used to extend the pochette? Are those in store?
  13. I believe the straps are over $300 :sad:
  14. WHAT?!?

    Oh man. Ok scratch that! :lol:
  15. The pen pouch in monogram canvas is $250.
    The notebook cover PM is $285.
    Many of the books are under $150.