This fake Louis Vuitton looks...

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  1. Really good!

    I do not own, purchase or condone fake bags but when a co-worker of mine showed me this (she is looking for the real Palmero PM like me) I was shocked.

    This bag is going to fool alot of people don't you think?
  2. Sometimes people will get the real bag and take pictures of it and sell the fake ones.... I'm not familiar with this bag, but thats what they might of done.
  3. Very true
  4. I see the bag is coming out of Hong Kong. Therefore, the picture is probably of a real replica.

    I say this because Hong Kong and Guangdong province in China are were the 'super replicas' come from. What's really interesting about that, to me at least, is that both Hong Kong and Guangdong province are also where a lot of real designer bags are manufactured.
  5. Is there anyone else worried about "super replicas" geez.. kinda sad that a super replica can really replicate LV
  6. if you ask me, that is NOT a super replica. The canvas is completely off in one of the pictures (I will not say which because there are *spies*:ninja: here), and I can easily tell that it's a fake from quite a long distance away. There is "something" that is VERY off....
  7. Hi,

    That is really upsetting.

    Something really has to be done to stop the replicas if they can copy them that well.

  8. i'm no expert, but the font on the heatstamp seems off
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.