This ebayer shipping charges is crazy


    $70 to my area for the stella and $65 for the sofia...ack.

    I do like that sofia, but not for that shipping, hopefully she made a mistake.
  2. I would report the listing - if you have confirmed with the seller that is correct... JMO
  3. i found another listing just like this with crazy shipping charges. the seller is selling the stella and auction is up in 10 min....whoever the winner is, i wouldn't pay until shipping charges are dropped to a decent price, damn...flat rate priority is 8.95 and i know the stella and sofia are not 20lbs!
  4. just got msg from seller:

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]they should be about $14.20, $8.95 for priority, $4.60 for insurance and $0.65 for delivery confirmation, thanks

    much better
  5. ^I have found that sometimes when people use the shipping calculator it will show some really bizzare numbers!
  6. That is the same response I got from the seller --- maybe she will correct the listing... surely the winner got the correct shipping.

    I agree every time I have seen a listing with the shipping calculator used - something is haywire... Not sure the the handling charges are compounded or what but it is always better to ask the seller for a quote - If no response-I would report it. Glad they got back to me --- looks like they had/have some cool MJ bags!
  7. i really like that yellow sofia...or is it a devon?
  8. I'm trying to figure out if it is the same as my Butterscotch LE Sophia? Because mine has yellow lining, not teal/aqua...



    ...she really should post more/better photos on her listing...
  9. it looks like it might be the devon, b/c the spacing between the zipper and top is quite wide.
  10. My guess is that with the new PP and eBay fees sellers are trying to make up on the other end. With the final value of the auction they have to pay a percentage. Maybe they feel that putting on the shipping side that it will allow them to make more money. Not fair, but such is life.
  11. Good call. I didn't even notice that at first. :tup:
  12. Um, I bet it must be the shipping calculator. When I opened the link it should the shipping to my zip code as $19.05.
  13. I am eyeing a Chanel bag, but the seller charges a flat fee for shipping of $30. They don't, however, cite what service they use. I asked a question to confirm what service they use (b/c USPS does not cost $30.00 for domestic shipping), but as of yet no answer. I may not bid on the bag...due to exorbitant shipping fees.

  14. I am curious what kind of Chanel it is? I ask because in my opinion, $30. to ship a Chanel is absolutely reasonable. The seller might even have to take a loss.

    Buyers need to remember shipping fees are based on zip code and weight, then adding insurance for a $1k-2k item is not cheap, especially with the USPS.

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm under the impression one can only ship flat rate w/USPS if the item fits in one of the few designated FLAT RATE boxes. Most every bag I have sold would not fit in their boxes...????