This ebay buyer is a scamer!

  1. OP That's awful, sorry this happened to you.

    meandmylouis - I'm glad you got your money back

  2. No eBay does not care.

    the ebay CS said the only thing he could do is REFUND HIM 100% and ask me to file a police claim.
    this is how ebay resolve problems, they have to really stand back buyers.
  3. well, the guy seems very familiar with what eBay and Paypal do.

    He file claims from ebay, not paypal.

    so when I call paypal for the dispute, there is no record, only money being held by eBay.

    so Paypal CS cannot help me, even the Paypal CS told DO NOT REFUND HIM, and take time to ask help from the Police.

    like I said, I do not need that 475 bucks, I will donate it to whoever need it. I just do not want the bad person get the money and laugh to the end.

    so sad about this kind of ppl from US!
  4. Omg, this is truly a nightmare. People like this sickens me. I only sold couple items on eBay and luckily, it worked out fine. I'm sorry this happened to you.

    All the best to you and hope things get sorted out. The lovely ladies here are good so I'm sure it'll get better. Cheer Up Op!
  5. I agree. There is nothing in all of this that rules out theft by a UPS employee.

    But it could also be buyer theft. And, if so as Iris says, the possibility of an investigation could scare him into "finding" the CPU and returning your money. Good luck.
  6. This.
  7. So awful... What state is he in?
  8. I'm so sorry OP :nogood:
  9. Good idea.
  10. meandmylouis - I'm glad you got your money back[/QUOTE]

    whimsic, Thank you. But I still can't accept it that this scammer get away so easy.

  11. I would strongly suggest writing this ..

    You have nothing to lose by doing so

    And sorry that this has happened to you...
  12. Just saw your MSG.

    Ok, I'll try MSG buyer.

    To me,his MSG just indicate he want to get an UPS mail insurance add to his pocket .

    Like if I report empty package, he can be benefit from paying from insurance that he initially bought.

    All in his design.

    Upon searching from google, his info shows record of assault on police officer,violence,public intoxication,child abuse ect.
  13. Utah, salt lake country
  14. Ya,this is bad feedbacks he left for other seller/buyer.

    Seems its not his first time scam