This drives me crazy! Anyone else?

  1. Already on eBay sellers are asking more than double what the mirror lockit actually cost. Also a few are selling more than one.

    It really bugs me, that some people put their names on a bunch of waiting lists for LE bags, when they know they have no intention of keeping the bag, but plan on selling for much more. I really wish people would stop doing this, so other people who truly want a bag for their collection/use can buy it at retail and not a crazy mark up.

    Now I understand someone might buy a bag then change their mind, which is understandable. Maybe they missed the retun policy or whatever, but it really gets under my skin that some people buy just to resell at a might higher price.

    Does this bug anyone else, or is just me?:cursing:
  2. ^^^ yup! totally see this. i dont think its right. but its a $$$$ world. that all.
  3. so glad someone else agrees.
  4. I can see it from both sides but sometimes they get greedy one eBay seller I won't say who had 7 heart purses now that is pretty unfair
  5. i saw that seller on eBay (few of them). I wonder how they got so many heart purses? One seller had 8 or 9 MC hearts at one point on ebay. One seller I sent an e-mail stating if they would sell me (1) for 15% above retail and they sent rude e-mail back saying I was trying to submit a Low Blow Offer! So rude of them, I feel they are in the wrong and I do not feel I was rude at all for what I asked.
  6. Don't shoot me....but I say if they are smart enough to predict the market demand then kudos to them! This doesn't just happen to's with every single 'hot' item of the moment (think Tickle Me Elmo, iPhone, etc.)....and yea it sucks for the consumer...and I kick myself sometimes but suck it up and say 'Shoulda bought it earlier'. This is probably why I waitlist in 2 different stores to kind of cover my butt in case the smaller store doesn't get it.

    Again...just my brutally honest opinion and not intended to anger anyone who didn't get a Lockit when they had originally waitlisted.
  7. 7 heart purses :cursing:?!?!?! I just wanted 1! We only got 1 of each color in our boutique and I was second in line! Frick man.
  8. yeah.. i wonder why some of the sellers can get multiple of limited edition pieces !!! and i just want 1 !!!
  9. Seriously, I only wanted one as well! I can understand that people treat it as a business, but it does suck for real collectors who want the items for their own enjoyment and use. I wanted both colors and was only able to get the gold Miroir Lockit (I am over the moon happy about this don't get me wrong). I see Twiggs point, but it still makes me mad as some of these people are asking for more than double the amount, crazy, but they will get the price I am sure. I just wish everyone that truly wanted one could get one, a LV utopian society! LOL!
  10. How do they work the waitlist like that do you think? And does LV ever catch them or care? Just wondering...
  11. I would assume that they probably wait listed at various LV stores or leased boutiques (Saks, NM, etc.) under the name of a family member or friend.
  12. really goes to show that the Mirroir Lockit is not as limited as i thought.... and some of those sellers might be tPF members too :p
  13. But do people REALLY buy these items for their ebay asking price ????? Perhaps they do, and have done so in the past, which is why slowpokes like me never get in on the goods...... :sad:
  14. It seems to me that this kind of quation has been asked before ( at the time when the Miroir Speedy released). At that time, it ran almost 10 pages about the demand/supply and the moral...:s

    BTW, I wish I have one heart coin purse...I waitlisted one store, but got nothing..
  15. ughh yes, this is soo annoying. hate how the sophie is marked up over 100%.