This doesnt look like apple green to me :(

  1. This bag is listed in Ebay by a reputable seller as "the coveted apple green" But it doesnt look apple green to me, is it?

    In fact it looks like the EXACT bag that ceejay posted in another thready asking if this was an apple green at Bob Ellis, and people agreen it wasnt.

    Am I losing it? Is this possibly apple and I am just colour blind? I dont think so :evil:
  2. i'm pretty sure the seller is just thinking b/c its green... its the apple green.

    it looks like 2006 emerald to me.
  3. That doesn't look like apple green but rather the emerald under a very bizarre yellowish bright light. Apple green isn't supposed to be distressed like that. Apple green is the old leather, and that definitely isn't it. Sorry. I know how much you're looking for apple green.

    ^^^ I have an emerald and it definitley doesn't have that weird yellowish tinge. I don't know what kind of light they are shooting that picture in.
  4. Thats what I though. I asked the seller to send me pics of the "actual" bag if this is not it. I dont think it is the actual bag because it is indeed the same pick from Bob Ellis's site. I told her to change her auction if it is not the apple green becuase that is very misleading :mad:
  5. it can't be unless balenciaga has re-released the apple green in the new distressed leather which we all know is next to impossible. as soon as i saw it, i immediately thought back to ceejay's thread questioning the exact same bag on the bob ellis site. i think someone is misrepresenting their product. good for you for calling her on it special k.
  6. Yes it definitely looks like that pic CeeJay posted from bobellis. It doesn't say "apple green" to me right now, maybe he/she changed it?
  7. this looks like an emerald to me.
  8. Yay she changed it! She got back to me and said she thought it was apple green because she said it looked a bit lighter than emerald. This seller was not trying to be dishonest, she just doesnt know her own bags super well.
  9. Where does it says "apple green"? This is the emerald color and it's a stock photo from Bob Ellis!
  10. She uses stock photos as she does photo shoots every 2 weeks. I emailed her recently about another bag which she stated had suede lining but the photo (stock) showed canvas. She got back to me almost immediately apologising for the mistake and said that she had just finished up her latest photo shoot for her bags so I'll have to wait another 2 weeks before she does a shoot again for her newly listed bags. She's very friendly and good with emails but sheesh, having to wait that long for actual pics?? And that's if someone doesn't come along and BIN it:wacko:.
  11. She changed it when she realized it wasnt apple green.
  12. yes, she really is super nice. If she ever got the bags Im looking for I'd buy them from her in a second......although she is a bit on the pricey side :sad2:
  13. WARNING ... is this person (seller) legit???!?!?!?!?!

    NO ONE should be using 'stock' photos ... that is very misleading! If she doesn't have her own pictures, then she should wait until she does and then sell it on eBay!

    A lot of the scammers use "stock" photos because they don't have any bag to sell!!