This does not seem right.

  1. The music is amazing and I would have been there in a heartbeat (if invited lol). I'm sure some of you have seen this but why on earth would this guy spray paint on our favorite logo? You can clearly see Yves Carcelle in the end.:nogood:
  2. I don't get what this video is? Or the point of it or the spray painted thing? Those people are acting retarded.
  3. I know it seems soo weird that Yves Carcelle is hanging out with them.
  4. Oh that seams wearied.
  5. They look LOADED!!! I can almost feel the hangover!
  6. That guy is a man HOE!!! LOL
  7. LOl, to many trips to the bathroom;)
  8. WTF :wtf:
  9. ???? Everyone is so wasted!!!
  10. hmmm....
  11. Funny youtube...but lots of other interesting LV youtubes out there to look this one is wild!! And, now I want a Panda Pochette!!!