This disgusts me!

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  1. I post all of my pictures of my coach on flickr for my personal website, and a lady had emailed me today asking if i was selling any of my bags.... which I'm not. But I was curious to see her profile, so skimming it I clicked on her "favorites" and this lady is selling all of these fakes!!!!! It's crazy!!!!

    She wants 80 bucks for this garbage!
  2. HAHAHAHA and someone left this comment!!! Way to go! :tup:

    its fake. look at the center. the c's stop and start again. fake fake fake. and real coach bags do not have that plastic on the handles, because the handles are made of REAL LEATHER, NOT PLASTIC!!! people use the plastic on the handles so that the leather-replicating paint doesnt chip off. and the tag should be white with the letters "coach" in brown. and the hangtag should be leather, not brass.
  3. Yikes! Can anyone just see your pictures and email you about them? I dont like that at all! In the last week, I have seen similar fake patchwork bags all over the place - there must have been a huge shipment of these things because, seriously, they are everywhere!
  4. :throwup:
  5. Yeah I hate seeing blatant fakes being sold on eBay...or anywhere for that matter.
  6. Hi!
    Please post in the Shopping Forum's thread for Coach fakes:yes:
    oh, but don't link to her page, we don't want to offer free advertising for her ;)
    Thank you!:biggrin:
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