This Diary Wallet is so cute!

  1. I have no clue but i really like it!!!
  2. It's gorgeous.. there's a thread on this, it's called Agenda Purse or something.
  3. super cute
  4. It's hella cute!!! I hope it will come in Amarante!
  5. Aww, if only it'd have an internal zip pocket for change too. Then it'd be perfect!
  6. Oh, it is soo cute...I have no reason to get one but so tempted!
  7. Wowza, I never knew this excisted! Does it come in any other material than vernis?:heart:
  8. They come in Mono, too. Check out the other thread. :smile:
  9. Oh i love it.
  10. Couture_Girl has this wallet in Mono
  11. its super cute . i had never seen it or heard about it. LOves it
  12. I saw it last time when I was in the shop but it kinda small for me but it look amazing in Pommed.
  13. o wow it is cute. perhaps i will consider this as my next wallet.