This day could not get any better!!!

  1. I just recieved my gifts for my secret santa buddies, as well as my new accordian zip around sig. stripe wallet!! Man I love FedEx for being so fast!! I'll take pics and update later. It's huge and perfect for me!!!

    I got a PCE card in the mail.... annnnnnd

    I booked the most AWESOME room @ the Disney world Dolphin Hotel for our trip in Dec. and got a standard room rate for it, saved about $150 a night (just b/c I was nice to the lady on the phone!)

    What a great start to a new week!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. YAY Candace! Good for you! especially since you were sick last week and having a cruddy time!
    Glad to hear all this positive energy flowing around for you today :smile:
  3. CONGRATS you lucky girl! Have fun on your trip and shopping of course... :graucho:
  4. WOW congrats and have fun at Disney. I wish I were going.
  5. Yay!!!!! We are in countdown mode for our Disney vacation as well!!! AND I also got a PCE card in the mail today!!!!!!!! CONGRATS to you!!!!!!!!!
  6. Congrats what a wonderful day you have had indeed.
  7. Congrats! It's always a Mini-Christmas when you get so many things in the mail (not bills though). It's nice when you get it sooner than expected too. Oh I hope to have a PCE card in the mailbox when I get home tonight.
  8. Congrats on your new gifts, your new purchases and your PCE Card. Good deal on the Dolphin Resort too. You are going to have an awesome time!
  9. Sweet!
  10. Yeah! You deserve it girl!
  11. Congrats! I still haven't gotten a PCE, but it sounds like you are having a GREAT week.
  12. Niiiiiice!!! Very nice! I'm so glad you are having a great week!!! Your wallet sounds gorgeous too. Can't wait to see pics!!! Have a great rest of the week!!!:tup:
  13. Congrats on the goodies! All the Floridians should meet up sometime. ;) I'm only an hour away from Orlando. Best time to go is definitely in the winter!
  14. ^^^Hey, I'm not a Floridian, but I'm heading down to Orlando this summer, I'd love to meet up w/ some of you at a Coach Boutique or outlet or something!!! That would be fun!
  15. yay.. lucky girl.. I am so happy for you that everything goes well your way;)