This cute BV tote

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  1. had anyone ever saw it? I find it on a magazine,and I want to ask my friend to buy it.But I can not find how much it is.My friend will go to Italy.Thanks a lot!!:heart:
  2. On the US website it is listed as $1420.
  3. This colour is known as kawaii, or Japanese for "cute". Its from the latest Spring/Summer 2008.
  4. It's really cute! Quite a smallish size tote though...

    The stamping of the flowers on the bag is quite time consuming, and it shows in the craftsmanship. Each layer is pressed individually, so certain areas are made up of up to 3 layers of print.

    Be sure to share pics if you get it!
  5. Thank you everybody!!If I get it, I will share her pic !!:tup:
  6. In addition to the tote, the catalogue on the BV website also has matching wallets and other small accessories - so even if you don't necessarily get the bag you could still get something with this pattern (which I also love).
  7. ^ BookerMoose - The enabler, lol!

    I too love the printed leather, especially in the zip around wallet.