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  1. Today is the day that i gazed upon a Bottega Veneta Intrecciato hobo and fell in LOVE!! I have already brought two different bags this year and although my quota is done with for this year (I don't buy more that one bag a year), I know i want a BV Hobo.

    Can you ladies help me? I need to carry with me on a daily basis the following items: Zip around wallet, keys, small make up pouch, two small pencil cases, ipod, iphone, earphones, hand sanitizer, hand creme, a small perfume and my sunglasses.

    Would a Medium Veneta suit my needs or the large? I love the way the medium looks and how it can transition from day to night, business casual to casual or dressier for the evenings. I don't change my handbags for months on ends, so it seems perfect. I love hobos and satchels! what do u think medium or large?

    And if i carry this bag on an everyday basis, will it hold up to the use?

    This will be my first time buying BV and i would love to hear all of u chime in and help me!! I would be clueless unless i get some opinions. Also, i wont be able to try on BV coz the stores are no way near where i live!

    Some pics of the bags i am lusting after and all of these colors are so gorgeous!!!

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    Rose 10,
    I have a medium Veneta, which I love. However, your content requirement list is larger than what I carry in mine. I carry a small wallet; iphone; makeup case; medicine case with toothbrush, contacts, etc; sunglasses and reading glasses. I load it carefully but I can't just throw things into it and expect them to all fit easily.

    I am also some distance from the stores. I have also purchased a few bags from resellers on ebay. When I do that, I take the measurements provided and make a paper mock-up of the bag. That way I get some idea of how big it looks on me and what it might hold. It's not a perfect solution but it's worked pretty well so far.

    If I were you, I'd consider a large's easier to have extra room than to not have enough room to carry what you need. Just my opinion.....Whatever you choose, I think you will love it.
  3. I think the large will suit you better--it's easier to get your things into and out of. Unless you are very petite, the large looks good on everyone and drape beautifully. And they do hold up--the woven leather makes them especially strong, yet lightweight. I'm careful about where I set them down but they are sturdier than you'd think.

    Which color are you leaning toward?
  4. you know the first thing that popped in my head: you carry BOTH an iphone and ipod?! :biggrin:

    are you near a BV? it's best to put all your stuff in and try it out for yourself. if you're thinking of purchasing from BV online, you might consider getting both a medium and large then return the one that doesn't work for you. how about using your current bag as a guide - is it the size of a medium veneta or a large veneta?

    the Veneta not only holds up to use, it looks better with use. the leather softens and slouches to a beautiful drape.
  5. Paper mock up sounds interesting...will have to look into making one myself! thank you!
  6. I am glad to hear that the BV Intrecciato is very sturdy!! i am going to be getting this bag next perhaps it will not be color from here but definately this style...i have never owned a red or a green or purple has to be one of these colors....thank you for ur input! much appreciated!!
  7. lol, yeah, the ipod keeps me company on my way to work ensuring i am not draining my iphone's battery! i don't live near the BV store hence the dilemma. my current bag is the size of a medium veneta, but instead of being 1" in depth it is 3" and that is a considerable difference...

    I am just not that into the belly veneta, probably coz i am not all that seems like it would have to be the large veneta.

    you have no idea how happy i am hear that i can buy a premier designer handbag, use it and it gets better with use, not wears out BUT gets better with use!!! thank you for your response! much appreciated!! :smile:
  8. I have a medium in the violet and just purchased a black large veneta. I suggest you get the large...fits a lot more, and you seem to carry quite a bit. You should check out, they sell the colours you are looking for and always have coupon codes if you sign up. The US odes not carry the purple veneta in large...but hgbags has carried the violet in large.

    Here is a pic of me carrying my violet medium veneta. It is such a gorgeous vibrant purple!

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  9. Based on the items you need to carry, recommend to get a large size. Medium one will be too small.
  10. Thank You for ur input! that is one gorgeous bag you have! but if that is the medium then i will definitely have to go with the large, it seems. could i ask you to take a modelling pic of your large Veneta and also if you could also do an inside shot of the bag so that i could see how much it holds? i am Canada, have no BV stores i will have to rely on pictures and members opinion here for my purchase.
  11. I think i do agree with u... occasionally i would need to fit a Nintendo 3ds and a play book in there too....large would be better fit it seems...
  12. could i ask you ladies for inside shots of both the medium and large Veneta, loaded up...please. that would be very very helpful!
  13. I agree with others about large.
    As for wear, they soften beautifully.

    The only bad thing is wear on the corner edges. It's normal but if that would put you off, consider a color that would hide the wear better. Of the colors you've picked, I'm thinking the Canyon might hide wear the best. I have a Tea veneta (a similar color) and it hides its wear really well. Others can chime in about how brights like Violet or Green would wear.
  14. Here's what i carry in my med venetta and i already find it very cramp: :P
    - LV Long zippy wallet
    - LV key pouch
    - LV coin pouch
    - LV card holder
    - KS coin pouch
    - Lesportsac small pouch
    - Tissue

    The following ends up in the zip compartment:
    - iPhone
    - Lipstick
    - Mont Blanc Pen
    - BV mirror
  15. I think you would be most happy with a large
    I carry lots of junk and need lots of room
    better to be a little roomy than have a bulging bag
    all the colors you have posted will eventually go on sale so maybe you will be able to get another bag this year