this could be the worst fake on e-bay

  1. :sick: Yuck :yucky:
  2. Oh no, anyone want to e-mail seller, or should I?
  3. awe, what adorable children you have ranskimmie :rolleyes:
  4. go for it Irishgal :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
  5. Ha! Took care of that for ya a minute ago:lol:
  6. Kimmie, you are way way too fast for me!!
  7. thanks so much gals, don't ya think e-bay should pay us?!?!
  8. Is that vinyl?
  9. yeppers, i'm pretty sure it's some form of pleather ;)
  10. Pleather...hahahaha. Even the word makes me laugh.
  11. Love it! I feel the need to get some acid wash jeans and go struttin with that bad boy! LOL!
  12. Looks like Goldfinger from Austin Powers fell into a machine-mold while inspecting a fake Bbag factory, lol!
  13. The gold is hideous, I've seen worse though...
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