this coral caviar~

  1. Hello~^-^

    I really really like this bag.. but is it worthy paying $1500???

    It's coral carviar new calssic bag.

    Since this site is not in english, when u click the site u will see the big picture and smaller pictures left side of it. You click the thumnails and u will c bigger version of them.

    Thank you~
  2. I personally love the bag. The colour is beautiful and for the asking price is okay for a new Chanel bag since I believe that bag rounds up to $2000 and up.
  3. Coral is one of my top Chanel colours...I'd pay $1500 for it, personally.
  4. i would! lols.

    it is very beautiful!
  5. Yes, I absolutely would! :love: I have a coral medium caviar flap, which was $1595 at the time (ohhh, how I miss the days of those prices)!! :girlsigh: E/W's go for $1795 now, so if this one is brand new/mint, $1500 is a very good price... it's all relative. :smile: If you love it, then you should go for it, but if you have to convince yourself about it, then save your money for something that wows you. :smile:
  6. ah;; i dun think the bag is new..
    but just called new classic bag.. or.. timeless classic i'm not so sure..
    but i dun have anything in coral so` hehe~~
  7. herbebe do you speak Korean? I have seen many Chanel postings on feelway I just wanted to know if there is some way you can authenticate this bag before purchasing it? I am really interested in the feelway listings myself but do not feel confident enough because I am not as experienced with the site to buy from it....although there are many great Chanel listings on this site from time to time in gorgeous rare colors.
  8. I think the color is gorgeous! I lean toward big bags so don't normally like e/w but that's a great bag! And I think the price is good, depending on how old it is!

    Good luck!
  9. yes~:smile:
    yeah but i heard feelway commission is *****ing;;;
    that's why this bag costs $1500... well... if you want sell ur bag try whii...
    it's more like free market so no commission~:tup:
    he he~
  10. Love the color.
  11. This is such a gorgeous colour.. but you also have to keep in mind if this size is right for you ! If it isn't, even if the colour is hot, you may not make good use out of the bag !
  12. I wuld say the price is reasonable to get it since chanel price has gone up a lot...therefore, the color is also lovely, GO FOR IT~~
  13. its such a pretty bag!!! I'd get it!
  14. Excellent price, i would pay that price.
  15. Gorgeous colour and the price is reasonable!!
    If you can, get it!!!