This convinced me about BJ in winter, but what about

  1. cylamen or fuchsia?

    This convinced me about blue jean in winter


    BUT WHAT ABOUT FUCHSIA OR CYCLAMEN? Anyone have pics of scarves that would work to segue those colors into winter? Or does the cyclamen birkin have to go into the back of the closet for the winter?
  2. I feel you can do cyclamen and fuchsia for sure in winter. Think of deep or dark winter neutrals with a pop of cyclamen or fuchsia. It could be a bag, scarf, belt etc. It would be gorgeous!
  3. Oh no, I think colours are great in the winter! Bright colours with the usually black/grey/camel winter coats look divine, they bring some sunshine to the dreary days of rain and cold. And because most of the people wear all black, it is a relly nice change to see someone with colour. A cyclamen Birkin with a matching scarf would be perfect! Let's not blend in :smile:
  4. Jewels tones and brights for accessoies are in for Fall. Put them against dark brown or gey, or black or ivory as the only pop of color.
  5. Yes, I am so happy to hear these responses. Thank you KB, MsR and QM, you are all correct, and now that I have *permission* I will just do it!

    Quinn's Mom - I melt everytime I see your avatar. Please never change it.
  6. Aw thank you hun...DD does love the shopping bags! LOL!
  7. You've already said you're going to do it. But to further push the point this scarf for A/W 07 has your Birkin colors. I have this scarf in the blue color way.
  8. Blue Jean Can Be Dazzing In The Winter Months (Totally Agree!).....Fuchsia & Cyclamen Are Gorgeous All Year... Definitely Brings Something To The Neutrals!!! The Only Color I Don't Wear All Year Is White (But, That's Just Me. So Many Wear It & I Think That's Great!)... I Actually Switch To Ivory/Off-White
  9. I love Blue Jean. I think it would look great in the winter.
  10. What the heck! I thought there were no "rules" anymore. Wear what makes you happy.
  11. STUNNING scarf!!!!!! I think you can wear whatever makes you happy whatever time of year!!!!! Do what makes you smile and your heart sing!!!!
  12. That sums up the one and only rule I should ever worry about. [Talking handbags.]
  13. That is a perfect scarf! Thank you B. I'll order it from the H boutique. [I missed you today. How did you make out?]
  14. i'm late to the party, but i agree completely. :yes:

    in fact, one of my favorite winter coats is fuchsia. the season is dreary enough as it is -- don't put away all the cheery, pretty stuff!
  15. Fuchsia coat! My wardrobe needs a makeover. Nominate me for one of those tv show. Nah, they don't give enough money to really get the job done for me.