This Clutch........!

  1. Does anyone see this clutch around?? I would love to get it, but there's no Jimmy choo store in my city. I ordered one from NM, but cancelled it, cuz of its karung material. I just want a calfskin or satin one. NO exotic leather. Please keep me posted if you guys happen to see this around. TIA. or << this one was onsale at once, but I was too late for one :sad:
  2. Why don't you just order it from the Choo site you posted? I've ordered through them in the past... no taxes. Gorgeous clutch by the way!
  3. ^^ I agree.. both are gorgeous.. goodluck!!!
  4. Contact Casey @ Jimmy Choo Chicago 312-255-1170. The many bags and accessories are 30% off and since you have no JC store in your state, it will be tax free and only the shipping charges. Casey will locate any available one for you if it is out there:tup:
  5. I've seen a gold one at the JC outlet at Woodbury commons about 3 weeks ago. It was a bit scratched up but they may have more. Worth a call. Not sure if they do charge/sends.

  6. Wow! thanks bagsforme. I'll call them up tmr. Hopefully I can get a great deal out of this clutch :p
  7. They are great clutches - Jimmy Choo have done some gorgeous ones recently, haven't they?

    I love love LOVE the Carlotta clutch - have you seen it? There's someone on eBay saying they'll take an offer on a brand new one. I'm very tempted...

  8. has the ciggy clutch in metallic grained leather (bronze & champagne) on sale for $525. If you call a JC store, they may have it for 50% off.
  9. Wow, thank you all for posting this. The ciggy clutch is one sale at 30% at . Wonder if offer second cuts sale like NM or Saks?? I dont mind waiting :smile: cuz I just want to have it, NO rush! :smile: