This CITTA ROSA TRENINO is screaming my name!

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  1. :nuts: Its so beautiful!! The placement is very nice too! Sabo-chan is everywhere talking on his cell phone!! Haha cuuuuuuuuuute :graucho:
  2. ooohhh if it's calling your name, that's a sign!!

    i say you should bid bid bid!!!!

  3. Hahaha... I have only that much to spend on my collections and I still have so far to go. Unless I get some free money somewhere .... ( honey, are you listening???) LOL!
  4. ohh and your name is pinkpeony.. see that's another sign! LOL..

    *sigh* i know what you mean.. it is a beautiful trenino..
  5. LOL it truly is gorgeous!! Its calling you.. :smile:
  6. lolll don't leave the trenino waiting for your answer!! hahaha! (dang we tPF'ers aren't too great at helping others save hahahaha! but we are good at convincing to get what you like! ;D)
  7. Get it...get it....
  8. You're right about that! I was so tempted to start collecting after lurking around the forum. Once I started, there is no stopping for me! But alas, the trenino is far from my reach ...
  9. No it isnt! LOL its just a couple of bids away.. :yes:
  10. dana.. i was just gonna say something like that!!

    enablers??? where?? whoo? us??? nahhhhh...
  11. Ok, if it were you, how far would you go? $350 max or more?

  12. lol... considering treninos are hard to find... get it get it get it! j/p humm it really is a puurdy one tho ;)
  13. let's watch it and see how high it goes..
  14. LOL like I said before, Great toki-minds think alike! :yes:

    Hmmm.. max? That's really up to you.. but IMO, 350 is crazyyyyy