This Chick Almost Broke Her Neck!!!!

  1. Trying to get a good look at my BE Exeter!!!! And I didn't even notice, it was my boyfriend who pointed it out to me!!!!

    We were at the mall, trying to find me a nice jacket/windbreaker for the Spring. Apparently, people don't wear jackets anymore because every store we asked looked at me like I'd asked to speak to Elvis or something, lol. But anyways… we're walking out of a store and there's a young woman sitting on a bench eating Chick Filet (and it smelled so good I'm on a diet :crybaby: ). So after we walked past her I noticed bf kept turning around looking and finally he said did you see that girl? And I was like what? And he said she was about to take a bite of her sandwich when she stopped halfway to her mouth to look at my bag. And she turned all the way around in her seat and continued to stare at my bag until we walked in another store. Lol!!! So I told him, "If I were someone else I'd stare at me too. My bag game is tighter than my shoe game." I just threw that in there because I have a pretty nice sneaker collection (wait til I add a pair or two of LAMB's in there!!) and he agrees because I have like 8 pair of Jordan's (his favorite shoe).

    So a few minutes later I see her following us in the store!! I'm like dang, if you asked I'd gladly educate you on LAMB but please don't stalk me like the paparazzi!!! I even smiled at her once since I'm told I have kind of a "Don't fu!k with me" disposition. Oh well, we left the mall after that. No spring jacket but I had a bangin' bag on my arm and a #1 fan!! :roflmfao:
  2. Don't ya love it!?!

    I absolutely get stares when I am carrying my LAMB bags. Not a wink when I have other brands (including MJ), but break out a Gwen bag, and I'm such a rockstar!

    DH has noticed that too - he has made comments when other women are staring at my bag. Of course, he makes the comment: "Hey, look, she's checking out your 'bags'. :lol:

    He's a goof!
  3. ^^lmao!
  4. Ha! The same thing happened to me at Williams Sonoma this weekend. BF and I walked in and one of the ladies working there said "Hi, how are you? Can I help you with anything today?" But she totally was staring at the Rasta Montego the whole time. Can we blame her? ;)
  5. No I can't blame her. I'd stare too even though I have my own! :p
  6. Semi-OT, i was out this weekend also looking for a Spring Jacket...

  7. ^^ I know!!!! What's up with that??? Are jackets suddenly out of style? :shrugs:
  8. I hate to sound like I am pushing my own company, but Express has some really cute trenches for spring in case you are interested.
  9. Yea, that's basically all I could find were variations of trench coats. I'm looking for something more casual though....along the lines of a windbreaker.
  10. Do you have an H&M nearby? they had some cute lightweight / canvasy peacoats that were about top-hip length, and a few windbreaker type jackets. Cute colors too.
  11. I think so...we've been trying to find DH a light jacket/windbreaker for about a month.
  12. :sad: No H&M. I don't have any good stores near me.
  13. Slightly OT but Knaz, why the hell are you on a diet??? I was just in the post your lamb outfit for the day thread and saw the picture of you rockin' your jungle hoody and some killer boots, you look fantastic my dear! :flowers:
  14. Aww, you're so sweet!!! Unfortunately, because I am very muscular I never look as heavy as I actually weigh (thank God!). But I need to drop a quick 15 and tone everything back up. 2007 was a horrible year for me. My new job stressed me out that I basically just rewarded myself with chocolate (my weakness) every time I was stressed (which was a lot of the time, lol) and stopped exercising regularly. Losing 15 will put me back around a size 7 which I prefer.
  15. mmmm chocolate...can you tell I'm dieting too...