This changes everything - mail order refunds

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  1. Well, I've just had the best news I've had for a long time.
    If you do a mail order from the outlets you now have 7 days in which to return it for a full refund - not just an exchange or credit note.
    This is because of the distance selling rules which allow a 7 day cooling off period.
    The inability to get a refund acted as a curb for me but now the world's my oyster!
  2. ^ Oh god - Marine Milton on its way is it????????
  3. ^^It is!
  4. Omg:rolleyes::faint:
  5. ^^Well Dita only made you promise not to let me buy it yesterday....didn't say anything about today. It's all her fault anyway, it's because it looked so fab on her!
  6. Oh my goodness, must get off and phone for Pebble Mabel
  7. ^^^LOL
    I think the stores are now going to be inundated with phone orders!!!!
  8. Old bags, you must!! I don't know if its all the outlets but is definitely Shepton which has had its new tills put in. The others are having theirs done shortly.
  9. I think you are going to prefer it to the Mitzy Messenger because of the colour. You have liked this colour for a long time and you have the Clutch AND the Purse to match!

    I tried to order the Black and Gold hanging heart keyring today from the website, for my Milton but they're out of stock. Also, its printed leather and I think Plain would look better!
  10. ^^^Yes- i think plain would look better!!!
  11. Ali, it was that blessed brown strap that put me off. I spent ages last night looking at the modelling pics & knew I wouldn't like it. I love the zingy-ness of the teal/marine. Riff was right, the MM colour would have been too pale for me.
    The keyring would look fab on your bag - definitely go for the plain one, or how about an astrology keyring? Tell you what would look good - that cubey keyring that Dita looked at, it was only £147!!
  12. :faint:
  13. ^^^LOL!! Can you see my smile from there???? I'm a happy, happy girlie.
  14. £147 I know - that's outrageous!

    I think that if they had had the Pink Milton purse, I might have gone with that - even though it wouldn't match any Red bag - the Brown one was a bit pasty for me really.

    I don't really need another purse, it was just that I still had some money left and I wanted to spend it! A Pink one would have looked great in my Black Milton though! I might have to track one down - especially at that price!
  15. This is very good, but very dangerous, news for me. I must resist!