THIS Chanel or THAT Chanel? Help needed!

  1. Ok dilemma - trying to choose between these two Chanels. Which would you go with and why? I need a bag for every day use and tend to dress on the casual side. I had the 2.55 in the small size and just LOVED it but it was way teeny for all my junk. I've been wanting a bigger size ever since - the one I can get is the 12W x 7H which I think is the large? Unfortunately I can't have both as I'm not working right now.

    I already have the flap in my signature but I would consider getting rid of it if I got the 2.55 as they are too similar in style/color.

    Thanks for any thoughts!


  2. 2.55? you mean the reissue? the measurements you're talking about is the size 227 right, if i am not wrong? i have the 227 reissue and it fits quite alot of stuff. i put my cosmetic purse, long wallet, camera, cellphone, car keys and i still have room for other things. how about the jumbo? :smile: it's highly sought after right now and it's an upcoming big hit.

    the cloudy bundle is cute i think, if you can get a larger size it'd be fab for everyday use. i love big bags (but not too big - you know the large vinyl cabas sort) and i think a small caviar flap isn't really an everyday bag. i have the medium and it doesn't fit much, only my long wallet, a cellphone and my car keys.

  3. i love the reissue!
  4. I'm a tote girl, I'd go for #1.
  5. I love the reissue.
  6. Based on your requirements I would choose the first one! I don't know what the leather is like for everyday use but I'm guessing not too delicate since some others suggested it too:smile:
  7. If you can only choose one - I'd definitely go for the tote especially since you already have a small flap!
  8. OK thanks so much! Small tote it is :smile: The flap that I have is amazing and serves the smaller bag purpose. Thanks again!
  9. I actually like the reissue n(r.2) way better! Very timeless and goes with every occasion!
  10. I definitely choose number 1 because it's gorgeous and you could put lots of stuff in it and I'm a sucker for a slouchy bag. I know you already chose but I thought I would comment anyway
  11. my vote is for the CB tote. it's a very special bag! and the reissue is too similar to the flap in your signature...i'd prob try to get a reissue in another color later on??
  12. Based on your needs, it's CB tote all the way!
  13. Cloudy Bundle!!!!!