This Chanel hobo - YES or NO?

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  1. hi ladies!

    im considering this chanel as an everyday bag for my tall and slender frame. what do you guys think of it? would this last forever as a classic?

    anyone know which season this was from?

    thanks so much!:heart:

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  2. It's from 2007-2008. I think it would look best on a tall frame, but it looks like it might be a tad hard to reach into and find your stuff quickly. Just my opinion.
  3. ^ i agree.. might be hard to get in too
  4. Nope...i don't feel that it's classic style.
  5. I personally dont think it is a classic style..but if YOU love it, go for it!
  6. how much is this in UK?
  7. the bag is nice and different, for me chanel is classic already, i say yes but i do agree with the one of the posts of gettin things out of it.
  8. I agree!! It's such a cool bag too! :tup:
  9. I guess I wouldn't necessarily call it a "classic" but it does have some classic Chanel elements to it (quilted stitching, chain straps, etc.). It's a cute bag and looks like it would be good for everyday use. However, you'd almost want to try it on first so that you could see how easy it is to get in and out of.
  10. Looks cute to me. But I agree with the others; could be hard to get in and out of.
  11. Yep, difficult to get into, I had a drawstring bag once, used it a couple of times and gave up, it was just too hassly make sure the drawstrings opened wide enough to put stuff in and also holding the bag in front of me so I won't be pick pocketed.
  12. This is the bucket style tote from the 2007 expandable ligne, love this bag, purchased it but had to returned because it was way too bulky (the bottom part) for my taste, but it is gorgeous!
  13. I like.long handles /straps can be good whem you are wearing a coat need to struggle to put on your shoulder. It has classic chanel elements so its not that much is it now anyway???..If there is no big difference ...I will go for a GST or classic flap.
  14. I agree a GST would be a great alternative and very much a classic.