this chanel flap bag..

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  1. hello everyone!!
    i haven't seen anyone post about this bag yet. just want to see if anyone has actually bought it or take any modeling shots in the stores?

  2. My aunt bought the larger size in black for $3600! It's called the Cosmopolite flap from pre-fall, it's a shiny calfskin with an accordion style on the sides. It's a really nice bag and not too heavy!
  3. I bought the medium. I love it very much. Haven't taken the tags off and only took it out of the box twice, but my only concern is I can't wear it under my arm like a flap. I like to hold on to my bags to feel they are secure. I just wonder if I need something more substantial but the large one for me was too big. FYI: The department stores do NOT have the fabric on the chains. The boutiques carry the medium WITH the fabric. (I prefer it plain). I am SO curious to see what is coming out in the fall before I take the tags off to make it official That being said, it happens to be a GORGEOUS bag. The leather is shiny but not too delicate. The sides are suede. The inside is a gorgeous baby pink!!! Let me know if you buy it.

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  4. thank you both for the info! it really helps!! i'll probably make my way down to the stores and have a look myself!
  5. Please let us know what you decide. I'm curious as to your opinion. Have fun Chanelling!
  6. Hi, can I ask is the inside fabric or leather ???
  7. i went to the store to have a look at the physical bag. it looks big on me, however it's super spacious due to the huge size. only thing is that it can only shoulder carry or use the thick chain to carry it like a handheld bag.

    the leather wise felt sturdy and will last for years! definitely a good work bag!
  8. The inside is calf skin leather. The medium comes baby pink interior. I think the jumbo comes with the classic red interior.
  9. That's how I feel. I love the bag so much but I guess I'll have to get used to wearing it long or crossbody. I just wish it could be adjusted as a handbag. Design wise there's nothing else I really like as much.
  10. Thank you.
    Seen it, really nice, I wish the strap is detachable, then would look more tidy when use the bag either hand held or shoulder !!!
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  11. agree with u!
  12. This bag is gorgeous!
  13. Thank you! I'm so glad you like it. I hope this thread has helped OP (and anyone else).
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  14. i just purchased the jumbo size and it too also came in the soft pink leather interior. :loveeyes:
  15. I posted on this bag in an earlier post. The sides are nubuck and not suede.