This caught my eye - what do you think?

  1. Just found this on - thought it might be a cute bag for summer?:heart:

  2. I like the colors and the shape...not sure about quality (I can't tell what brand it is), but it's cute!
  3. ^^ I agree. Color and style is cute for summer. Although I'm not sure about the design. Who's the designer?
  4. Celine
  5. No for me but I would consider if it is not expensive.

    Sorry am not a celine fan.
  6. I'm not crazy for it, colors would be nice for summer, though.
  7. I am not really liking the pattern. :smile: The shape is pretty classic though...
  8. nice looking bag...
  9. sorry...i don't like the pattern of the bag or the color but the shape is nice...big so you can put lots of stuff in it
  10. it's okay, but not loving it :p
  11. i agree i don't care for the pattern on the bag but if you like it you should get it!
  12. I think it's cute--a fun bag for summer.
  13. I like the shape, but I'm not a fan of the pattern. As long as it's not super expensive: if you like it, get it.
  14. I do like it. It's growing on me.
  15. Nah.