This can't be real!!!

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  1. I saw that, too. I could be wrong, but I'm a skeptic. Is it available in other countries already?
  2. I know, the starting price is too good to be true, the heatstamp might be off but not 100% sure and 2 feedbacks? Just couln't help it. My heart almost skipped a beat. I want it in the ebene though.
  3. The starting price is insane!! I want it in the Ebene too. It's not LE is it?!?! The listing says it's very rare and LE?
  4. Hmmm wow I dunno about that one.... Its scares me...I really love the azur but I can't connect with that bag.
  5. I'm pretty sure it's fake. No feedback, crap pictures, and the lining is not good quality at all. Plus those feet... :s And the lettering on the gold plate looks off too.
  6. the heatstamp looks way off to me.
  7. Its fake
  8. they already have made fakes of this bag! watch out!!!
  9. It's just insane how quickly these fakers produce them.
  10. This would belong in the fakes thread. :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.