this can't be real right?

  1. eBay number 6886396557
  2. It's hard to tell from the pictures. Is it turquoise?
  3. that's the question???
    I'm wondering if I just got a good deal or not.
    I really should have posted this in authentication thread, but I'm waiting to pay...sorry mods:shame:

    I'm also waiting for more photos, but for a BIN of 500 it looked good enough to do it.
  4. It does look good to me though. If it is you got a great bargain!!!
  5. You lucky girl! I was e-mailing her about a BIN too ;) Congratulations!
  6. It looks like a teal.
  7. But the color is weird.
    Teal? Turq?
    I've emailed the seller a ton of questions (since the auction was BARE) and I'm holding off actual payment.
  8. could it be indigo?:shame:

    the rivets doesn't have notches....?
  9. please only post authenticity questions in the Authenticate This! sticky or Forum
  10. Sorry Swank! Like I said, I wasn't thinking, I was on Emergency mode.
  11. great deal if it's good.. yeps.. looks like teal..

    BUT... she has a dodgy brown one on sale too? looks like that one has weird bales..

    check before you pay ok? =) congrats!
  12. the brown she has on sale is def a fake..look at the has a line in the middle....:sick: (6886373098)

    that's a bad sign...
  13. very dodgy, this one looks better but UGH!
    I hope she gets backl to me with nice photos.
    If not I'll have to tell her I can't buy it. EEK, I've never had to do that.

    Still, I had to try ;)

    I'll keep you girls updated, but I'm SURE she's dodgy!
  14. I would not pay until you are sure!!! Good luck!!!
  15. omg... the brown is baaad....that makes me question the other one....
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