This can't be Jenna!?!?

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  1. from, she is unrecognizable!!!!

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  2. Regardless of her choice in profession, she was a stunning woman. Why do these people insist on messing with themselves? Leave the cosmetic surgery for when you want to erase a few wrinkles, not make yourself look un-earthly. Egads!
  3. She looks horrible. I thought she was pretty once upon a time.
  4. Is that really her?
    Oh how hideous - she looks like she bought the Jessica Simpson Trout pout.
  5. OMG, She looks so plastic! I'm shocked.
    I've always thought she was such a beautiful girl, regardless of what she does for a living, but she looks like she has gone a step too far judgeing from this pic.
  6. that just looks completely freaky
  7. She used to be good looking now she is just looking like every other blonde with fake lips and tits.
  8. She looks awful. She's gone too far with the plastic surgeries and procedures.:Push:
  9. She sure has changed. Now she looks like a Paris Hilton clone.
  10. I've always thought she was nasty...but now...ick!!
  11. I've seen a novelty fake vagina of hers for sale.


  12. Not only horribly skinny, but also horribly plastic and awful looking.
  13. She looks like a wax figure, lol. I agree that she used to be very pretty but she has taken the plastic surgery way to far.
  14. OMG! She used to be amazing looking. All right, she was helped a little before, but why do the face!!
  15. Omg!