This came in the post today

  1. Woot! Woot! :biggrin: I am extremely happy with what came in the post today.

    It was the bag which I ordered from Cabazon Outlet on Christmas eve. :smile: Not exactly for myself but for my mother. :heart:

    I also got her a cute romantique wallet which I got from Selfridges sale for £137 :biggrin:. Altogether both cuties cost me £410 :smile:. My mother hopefully will be very happy with these wooh!!!! :wlae:
    DSC008771.JPG DSC008781.JPG DSC008791.JPG
  2. wow you are a nice daughter!!! that is too cute
  3. great daughter, you know how to spoil your mum !:yes: :flowers:maybe i should have kids after all hihi...:graucho:
  4. Haha Thanks ladies :flowers:

    Hopefully when and if I got kids, my kids will buy me and my mum stuffs too :graucho:
  5. Love them both, what a nice gift!
  6. The bag looks so cute...Congrats
  7. Very Cute! I am sure your mother will love it.
  8. Beautiful gifts, your Mom is very lucky to have such a sweet daughter!
  9. they're both such sweet and thoughtful gifts. it's heartwarming to see such a lovely gesture. :tup:
  10. Great gift for your mom!
  11. OMG!!!! AMAZING!!! Congrats!!!

  12. i just went to selfridges and bought the purse myself. it only cost me £122.50 in the sale

    which selfridges did you buy it from?
  13. Selfridges Birmingham :biggrin: when I got there it was the last one of its kind in the shop. I got there on boxing day though so maybe they have since then reduced the price of the wallet. ;) I would say you have got good deal then :smile:. I wish to have bought one myself.
  14. they still have some left in Selfridges London but for £133 they also have the bag for around £303.

    More romantique styles have popped up since boxing day.

    Dior boutique had no more of the wallets and Harrods had one left.
  15. yes. this was the only one left too. went to trafford centre, they didn't have any then to manchester city and it was the last one =]

    though it is small for my liking. the coin compartment is inside is tiny (if only it was on the outside ..) but i couldn't resist not buying it - had to buy it to go with my bag ^__*

    is your coin compartment on the outide? if so, that maybe why its slightly higher