This BV Red? New or old?

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  1. Hey BV Gals and Guys....I'm a bit confused and seek your expertise! I was searching for different BV colors and found this wallet on Styledrops and they say it's from "Fall 2006/2007" Huh? :shrugs:

    I've read from some of you that there is a red coming up for fall, if so, is this it? Or this is from a previous season?

    Regardless, gorgeous red isn't it....unfortunately, I'm looking for another accessory/style.


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  2. Maybe the color on my monitor is off but that looks like a brick red. The red I saw in March with prototype bags was a scarlet red. None of the BV's I saw in the '06-'07 line were in this color but I don't think the US gets the full line or at least all the colors that other countries see.
  3. Tnx Boxermom! I doubted that it was new, but you never know! I can't wait for new Fall/Winter 07!
  4. Fall 2006/2007 means it is from the last fall collection. The new fall collection will be 2007/2008 i believe
  5. Tnx nizlay, you're right, I just got very excited to see red!
  6. The last red that I can recall was a very bright reddy orange from last years collection. Its official name was papavero I believe. Its very bright! Hopefully there will be a red that takes your fancy when the new colours come out.
  7. ^^^I never saw that red in the US or on the US online website. Where did you see Papavero, nizlay? gosh, I wish we had access to all their bags and colors.
  8. Boxermom...that is an old colour from last year. The same red that the perforated bags came in. There is a wallet listed on ebay at the moment that is the papavero colour. Actually I think that you all in the U.S. are so lucky that you have so many places where they sell BV....and they all stock different colours! If only everything was available online!
    I believe the wallet listed on style drops must be the Pompei colour which I personally did not like. Their pictures are awfully dark...very difficult to tell really.
  9. The colour does look like a knot clutch that I just saw in the boutique earlier, which the SA said was from last year. Not sure of the name though.
  10. The only "red" I remember from Fall/Winter 2006 is Pompei, which is sorta like an orangey red. :shrugs:
  11. Thanks ladies, I knew you all would know the 411. I'm highly anticipating this fall/winter and some new colors.
  12. nice red and it's lovely.....:smile::smile: