This buyers getting on my nerves!

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  1. On June 2 I sold a Mac Barbie and buyer said she would mail out money order. After about 9 days I emailed her asking if she mailed it as I never got it. She didn't seem concerned and said she would send a second one out. I let her know I would be out of town for a week and when I came home still no m.o. I then emailed her and she said she did mail it but to now resend invoice and she'll pay thru paypal in two days. I kept thinking about it and decided to still put in a dispute just to cover myself. I checked and I'm under the impression I have 45 days to leave feedback. So yesterday she tells me she's now having a problem paying thru paypal! I told her to call them (trying to be nice). Today she tells me "its not paypal, eBay says item does not exist". I resent invoice w/comment making it like I spoke to a eBay rep saying s/b ok to pay now. I think she changed her mind and is stalling. All her recent feedback show as quickly paid and I noticed she purchased quite a few of these dolls already. I noticed they are selling for less $$ lately and maybe she doesn't want now?
  2. Tell her she has 24 hrs to pay or you will leave bad feedback - if the person has significant feedback volume at 100% positive that is usually enough to get them to pay. If she does not, leave bad feedback and report as a nonpaying bidder.
  3. Before you leave negative FB, file a dispute and see if she pays immediately. If she doesn't respond to the dispute, after the dispute closes, you can safely leave her negative FB without her being able to leave you a negative. But this will only work if she doesn't respond to the dispute. If she responds to the dispute, she can leave you a negative too.

    You've been waiting a month for your money, I think that's long enough.
  4. i don't think she sent you the first money order... what moron would be so stupid as to send a money order and not include tracking on it? i mean that's like cash she's losing...
  5. I agree. I think this buyer is scamming/stalling. If one of these supposed MOs ever does arrive, I wouldn't be surprised if it was fake. Don't ship until you have cleared payment!
  6. ^^I agree.
  7. Be very careful. Eitherway, you should take some form of action now. One month is long enough. Filing a dispute might be the best scenario, as it may force the buyer to pay more than any other step you take. If the payment still doesn't come, you should leave neg feedback as nonpaying bidder (as mentioned earlier) even if they can leave one for you. Buyers are not stupid, in general, they will see that this bidder was really at fault.
  8. I did start the unpaid dispute a couple of days ago and she keeps saying eBay won't let her pay. This morning I just emailed ebay just to cover myself and also let her know that I would like payment made in 24 hours. I stated I found it hard to believe that she's having a problem paying with ebay.
  9. ^^^If I mailed a MO and someone said they didn't get it, I would not be saying "oh, I'll send you another!" That's such a lie. She never sent you anything. And now -- coincidentally -- she can't get paypal to work?!

    She's never going to pay -- I am sorry to hear this. Just move forward with the dispute etc.
  10. If it was marked paid, try unmarking it. See if that helps.
  11. This buyer has no intention to pay. MO lost in mail is full of lie. Filing an unpaid dispute and have your final fee back is the way to go.
  12. Well, I got online w/ebay live, trying to get an answer. They said its because the item wasn't paid for within 7 days. She still could of paid me if she really wanted to. All she had to do was go into paypal, send payment, enter my email address and it would of worked. I opted to end dispute with her getting an unpaid item strike. What gets me is since she bought my mac doll, she also purchased 10 more within the last month and got raving feedback, "lightening fast payment"! Its over and I'm glad!
  13. Wow! I just started selling some of my Barbie collection on e-bay and I'm wondering if I should just accept paypal because of a scenario like you described. I've been lucky so far -my first two sales were to established e-bayers who paid immediately. But now I'm starting to get alot of 0 feedback bidders and I'm getting nervous.