This buyer has some nerve

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  1. So I've been trying to sell something that I have literally had 5 non paying bidders on.

    Currently I have an unpaid item case against my most recent non paying bidder.

    I've relisted and have a bidder I have less than 30 minutes left on the auction when I get notification on my phone that I've got a bid. I check the listing and it's the same person who hasn't paid. They have some nerve bidding on my item when they have an unpaid item case and have made no attempt to contact me!

    I immediately canceled the bid and put them on my block list. In my 10 plus years on ebay I've never had have 5 non paying bidders on the same item and I've never had someone who I've opened a case against bid on my item.

    You should be able to automatically add non payers to your black list...I think you used to. But even after 10 years navigating through some of links is a pain but I'm gonna be more vigilant about blocking people now.