This burberry is fake, be careful this seller

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  1. I bought a burberry bag from Ebay last Sunday, the seller conforms it is 100% AUTH, I got it this Thursday, but I found it is fake, the dust bag, the tag, and the knight inside are all different with the other burberry bag I had before. There is no serial number, also the metal chain even has some rust. However, the seller is still saying the bag is 100% Auth, and he got directly from Italy. I went to burberry store, and I am 100% sure this seller is selling 100% fake burberry bag. Anyway, I already shipped the bag back to him and requested my money back. I am really disappointed with this transaction, I saw this seller just re-list the bag today, so please be careful, do not waste your time and money.

    Here is the Link which I bought last week

    Here is the link the seller just posted
  2. That's why it's better to have something authenticated before you buy.
  3. Completely agree!! Do not trust those sellers, they are professional lier!!!!

    I will have it checked every time before buying designer bags on Ebay
  4. It seems like there are more fakes on ebay than authentic. That is so sad.

  5. good thing about ebay, if it is fake, you will get your money back. You can click on the new listing and report the listing to ebay that the bag is fake because you took it to burberry to be authenticated.
  6. the stores cant authenticated items for legal reasons
  7. If you look at those four pics carefully, you can find the bag in the other three actual pics is different with the bag in the first pic which I believe he got it from Burberry website. Also all metal are in different color and different sharp.
  8. I never purchased any of my designer bags from ebay only the actual boutique to ensure 100% authenticity.

  9. Me too and I can sleep at night. :girlsigh:
  10. So.... why haven't you reported the guy or at least given him negative feedback yet??/

  11. You have to be careful paypal is getting stricter and not always siding with the buyer. They also want proof or disproof of authenticity in same cases. Always buyer beware.
  12. did you end up returning it?
  13. Yes, I returned the bag, and got the money, but wasting my shipping cost.
  14. I did report his new listing, but only got a report number, the listing is still there:graucho:
  15. Paypal is on my side in this case. :yahoo: