This bugs me....

  1. Yesterday it was a glorious day and I went walking around my neighborhood weairng my pochette accessoires with a long strap. It's handy if I am going shopping and need to keep my hands free. This was the very first LV I purchased in a boutique, so it's sort of special. I actually bought the strap, so I could have a travel purse. I still use the shorter strap. This woman wearing a Hermes bag, stopped me and asked me where I got my strap and how much I paid. I told her at the time it cost approximately 140 dollars plus tax. She proceeded to tell me that she was wearing a $7000 bag and that when she went to Europe she would buy a fake strap for her pochette accessoires. Jeez! I said, "You're kidding, right?" She looked at me like I was crazy. Is there somethng wrong with this picture? You spend that much on a bag, but chintz on the strap? She did not seem in the least bit perturbed abot doing that. File this uder OH Well,
  2. Are you sure her Hermes is real ??? LOL :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  3. Strange. Why would you tell someone you don't even know that you are carrying a $7000 bag:blink: . You'd think she could afford a real LV strap.
  4. That's kind of silly that she actually stopped you to tell you the price of her bag after questioning you about yours.. not so classy.
  5. That is so silly.
  6. how weird was she???? I've seen the accessory pouch with a strap and it looks real good. I was thinking getting one myself. and who would ever wear a fake strap? maybe her bag was a fake. maybe you looked real cute and she was intimidated...who knows. maybe she needed to validate herself by letting you know she spent that much on a bag.....geezzeee some people have cars that cost that much...:oh: did you hear twilight zone music in the background??????
  7. seriously doubt her bag was real. It seems like only people who carry fakes want to tell anyone and everyone how much their bag cost, whether you ask or not.
  8. Yeah, it was kind of creepy. I don't mind if people ask me about my bags. Maybe, she was trying to impress me...In my neighborhood, there's a lot of people who really have lots of money. I'm not one of them, of course, but they do carry real Chanel, LV, etc. Maybe hers was a a fake...but if it was, it was a classy looking (contradiction in terms.) Don't want to be ageist, but she was an old lady. She must have been in her 60s or 70s. Definitely not of the old money variety that resides on Park Ave. They would not do that. Even though I like nice handbags, etc. I don't really volunteer that kind of information; if you're want to buy, OK. But I am not going to around and say I just blew a wad on a bag, No way! If they really want to know, they can find out,anyway.
  9. Wow! I must be really tiired. What I meant to say was regarding volunteering information, was that if a person was interested in puchasing one and needed info, OK. The way it was first posted, it looked like I wore my bags and sold them off my body! But I've met so many wacky people in the city, I should not be surprised.
  10. Lol that reminds me..if you're ever bored, watch this shopping channel called Shop NBC (it's really not cheesy; my mom has bought a lot of their fine jewelry from them, especially this one designer, Sonia Bitton) and watch this host named Pamela Mccoy. She designs/sells these leather jackets and whenever they have a show, there's at LEAST one caller per show who calls in and says when she was out, lots of people wanted to buy her jacket off of her. It's hilarious.
    Their site is if you want to see if you get that channel where you are.
  11. I just don't get WHY she would tell you that her bag was $7000.00!:blink:
  12. Fact is stranger than fiction!
  13. Exactly! :rolleyes:
  14. How odd. But stranger things have happened to a lot of us....LOL