This Bottega Veneta looks soooo yummy...

  1. :love:

  2. So pretty! The color is lovely, and I really like the braided handles. BV has really been winning me over lately. Where did you see this Buttery?
  3. Love the colour!
  4. gorgeeeous! love the color! Saks has it but only in choco. You could use the shopmar code to get 10% off. That's what I did for the blue cocker.
  5. THat is a beautiful bag! That color makes me want to smile - reminds me of Spring!
  6. I love the color too! It's perfect for Spring/Summer!
  7. Great color!
  8. cool color. and it looks SO soft
  9. That is a lovely, lovely bag! So summery and nice!
    I want it....
  10. It's gorgeous :love: !
  11. Love the color .......
  12. love the color of it!!
  13. wow, beautiful color:smile:
  14. Bold and beautiful!