This blew my freakin mind!

  1. Wow, yeah that made me get a bit emotional!! He's great!!
  2. oh wow, he's incredible! did NOT expect that voice to come out of him!!!
  3. THanks for posting! I am a complete SAP for 'stories' like this!!!
  4. Wow. Where does that come from? Amazing.
  5. Me too!! I almost cried!
  6. WOW, I actually had chills........AMAZING!!!
  7. Wonderful
  8. I can;t see the screen clearly right now, my eyes are filled with tears...:cry::woohoo:
  9. haha Yeah I so wasn't expecting that to come from him!! Definitely gave me the chills.
  10. That was breathtaking. Thank you.
  11. Wow! He's really good. I don't think they were expecting that at all.
  12. Amazing! I hope he wins!!! With a voice as beautiful as that, he certainly deserves it!
  13. That was amazing! I'd buy his CD :smile:
  14. Forget goose bumps! I started tearing up!

    America's Got Talent sucks! Britain has that wonderful man, and they have jugglers and plate-spinners and pec flexing synchronized to Dueling Banjos!

    (Vlad, I must say, you always find the most amazing videos!)