This Black Sienna May be real

  1. I wrote the seller asking about if there was any wear. Seems legit. So if anyone has the bucks and the urge...

    Here's what the seller wrote..
    Not much at all if any. I bought it from Neimans last call sale a month or two ago. I used it for 2 weeks then found an amazing Marc Jacobs bag dirt cheap.(Neimans last call) I have 3 black Koobas (plus 2 others) and realized I should only keep one. I am keeping my Annie bag.
  2. Thanks Lexie. Tempting, but I really shouldn't have the same bag in THREE different colors. (Or should I?)
  3. Well spotted Lexie, it does look rather tempting for anyone desperate for a smooth black Sienna, which is rather rare these days. Even better if it can be had for the starting price. The BIN price seems high, but I guess it's always worth a try for a seller of a rare species.