This billboard is just ingenious!

  1. You just have to see the picture from a blog whose URL I was sent this morning about a man cheating on his wife with HER BEST FRIEND! It’s a bit old (July 2006) but given that there have been topics like ‘Married men syndrome’ popping up recently, I thought this would be appropriate to give you ladies ideas on possible retributions!

  2. oh yeah, there's a thread on this somewhere on here. "Emily" is fictional, as is "Steve". it's some sort of advertising campaign.. and it certainly worked to get people's attention
  3. Hahhaa
  4. Wow viral marketing at its best. I guess I'm a bit of a bimbo and thought it was real :noggin:! BTW, what are they advertising, the private investigator?
  5. I think the billboard is an ad compaign for an upcoming reality show or something...
  6. Haha that's really cool:lol:

    I remember a real case similar to that in the UK last year when a guy wrote a banner to his wife saying he wanted a divorce and hung it over the motorway bridge so that she'd see it on her way to work! I think they had to take it down for the fear of people getting distracted by it and crashing their cars lol

    Edit: I found the article it's sooo funny. I forgot that she wrote one back a couple of days later saying "No way.You are the cheat! Love Wendy."

    BBC NEWS | England | Southern Counties | Banner war couple told 'grow up'
  7. lol that's a funny way to advertise an upcoming reality show.
    wonder how many people think it's real ;P
  8. Clever marketing. That definitely caught my attention ! heheh
  9. ^^ I agree very clever.. i never thought it was fiction!!
  10. LOL very clever idea
  11. It's funny, but I wouldn't spend money from the joint account on that.... There are so many pretty things I would prefer to buy. :nuts:
  12. lol
  13. lol, so clever!
  14. Yeah, you see the blog was so convincing with the video of a man entering the hotel with a woman and also a picture of the 'supposed' Emily graffiting a BMW 5 Series with the words 'Hope she was worth it' and pulling a teddy bear's arm off!

    Anyway here's the blog's URL:
    That Girl Emily: July 2006

    P.S. What reality show is this that they are advertising for?
  15. I love that!! hehe :biggrin: