This big box arrived.....

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  1. I've never done a reveal before - so perhaps it's time I did - even thought the photo's are not the best quality as my hands were just a little bit shaky... :graucho:

    This is just a small thank you for the beautiful H reveals everyone has shared with me over the past three years... Enjoy!

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  2. Woohoo front seat :smile:
  3. Me too :smile:
  4. Here we go...

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  5. Yippee! A live one. I need some excitement right now.

  6. I'm here
  7. Here just in time!
  8. Welcome ladies.

    I wont tease you for too long. :biggrin:

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  9. come on, come on, come on!!!
  10. I cant tell you how excited I was as I slowly stripped this beauty. :graucho:

    Please allow me to present Madame Barenia :biggrin:

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  11. Wouaw! Beautiful!
  12. Whoa! Amazing! Congrats on a beauty!
  13. Wow :P you're so lucky!

    Enjoy your 'unicorn' birkin :biggrin:
  14. 40cm?
  15. Barenia! Congrats dear one of my wishlist. Beauty and elegance...ah I'll keep wishing :smile:.