This BEAUTIFUL Grey Trench...

  1. Hi ladies! I'm not much of a Burberry connaisseur so I need some help. Is this stunning jacket worn by Sienna Miller at the Sundance Film festival Burberry Prorsum? I would LOVE to own it! Does anyone know what collection / season it would have been from? Thanks so much!
  2. oh man, I have no idea but that is a GORGEOUS coat!!! wowwwww, i love it too!
  3. I was looking through some runway photos from the Fall/Winter 2006 collection and found a navy and an eggplant coloured coat that look similar... I think it might be the 2nd one? The colar on the navy one seems smaller....

    ARGH! Where to find it!
  4. It is really nice.
  5. AH! It's for sure not the Navy one, I just noticed it only has one set of buttons... MUST TRACK DOWN THE EGGPLANT!! So beautiful!
  6. OMG it's so gorgeous!!!!
    let us know when u find out what it is exactly:p
  7. Love that coat!!!!!
  8. i am still SOOOOOO in love!!
  9. Yeah, it is gorgeous.
    But eliza, the 2nd one has a thinner belt than the one siena is wearing.
  10. That Grey is gorgeous.
  11. I really like it.
  12. very nice!
  13. Wow it's so pretty! hope someone figures out who it's made by..
  14. eliza - is it for sure Burberry? I keep coming back to this thread hoping to see an answer, haha! I really love it
  15. whoa it's so nice!! Love the grey