This bag shamelessly THREW itself at me!! I swear. Honest!!!

  1. I told it I was on a serious bag ban. I told it I didn't have room in my closet. I told I was near broke and would have to sell a kidney to fund it.

    And yet.

    This bag attacked me, it jumped in my lap, insisted on coming home with me.

    Rude. Don't you think???





  2. Oh I love this bag & the colour. I had it & sold it on eBay always regretted not keeping, enjoy!!!!! I think I will open a memorial thread to all the bags that I sold & subsequently mourned :yahoo:
  3. perfect for the summer!
  4. Thanks :love:

    Please do!! I sold my mousse satchel and often wonder how she is doing :crybaby:

  5. Very hot bag! what perfume do you wear...cuz i swear they never jump on me like that...
  6. What bag? What did you get HM??? I don't see no bag. What is wrong with my computer...grrr...

    Nevermind. I see it!! Wowser! How rude of that bag!
  7. Mmm, I think it's called Rombauer Zinfandel :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

  8. LOL!!!

    I found an 05 CRAIE LOAF!!!!

    Ever since I saw +Sonja+'s bag I have been in love. This bag did NOT disappoint!! It is in like new condition (except for a minor ding on the lock leather edging). Amazing!!! :wlae:

    But it is a cheeky little thing!!

  9. Lovely, lovely bag!!!
  10. Where did you find it? Very nice~

    CONGRATS :nuts: Is beautiful!!!
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Bad bag! You definitely need to punish her by carrying her around endlessly. See how she likes that!
  12. Does this happen every time you are near gorgeous bags??? I think that you are a magnet girl, a magnet to paddies...they can't get enough of you.
  13. LOL, I attract *pricey* bags and expensive bottles of whine like some women attract hot guys, hee hee :graucho:

    Trouble is, the money is going the WRONG WAY here!! :upsidedown:
  14. rofl..I need some of that perfume to put on PHH...LOLOLOL....
    That color is TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CONGRATS!
  15. Bad craie. No biscuit!!!