THIS bag or THAT bag? Please help

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  1. Ok I can't keep both of these so please help me decide? First is the Chanel cloudy bundle E/W tote, and the other is the Givenchy medium nightingale. The Chanel cost 2x what the nightingale did :wtf: ouch. Please let me know which one you think has the best staying power and looks better? Thank you!



  2. chanel
  3. I think I would have to go with the Chanel as well.

    It depends on if you really need the money. You know that Chanel is an investment and will be timeless. I would say since you already own the Chanel, keep it and reinvest the money from the Nightengale.

    Good luck with whatever you decide!
  4. this is hard. but i would go with the Givenchy.
  5. Thanks everyone so far! G86 could I ask why you like the Givency more? Thanks!

  6. chanel!
  7. Right - I can't believe how much a full price Chanel is. Very painful for the pocket :wtf: That's what makes me question keeping it as I could get two bags for the price of one LOL. I really wanted this cloudy bundle in the larger N/S size but that's nowhere to be found. As it is, I feel extremely lucky to even find this E/W one as they are super rare.


  8. Well you certainly have a dilemma on your

    I would say if you really want 2 new purses for the price of one, then go for it...just make sure that you are ready to give up the Chanel. You can always buy one again if you really really want it. I wish I could be more help! I would still say keep it, but that is just me!
  9. Personally I'd keep the Chanel. It's absolutely gorgeous!
  10. I personally love the Givenchy. I would use it way more than the Chanel.
  11. Chanel! Can't go wrong with Chanel!
  12. I know Chanel is the "better" name, but I like the style of the Givenchy better - I like the handheld/shoulder bag aspect, and I like the size!
  13. wow that is really hard....although i think the givenchy is nice (and to mention half the price), i don't think it is timeless. i must say the chanel is beautiful and classic. so i vote chanel! unless of course you need the money, in which case you have a win win situation!!
  14. Givenchy for me!
  15. I love both bags but l think that the Chanel will never go out of fashion.
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