This bag or GST??

  1. Can someone identify this bag? Would you prefer this or the GST?
  2. We need pics.
  3. Sorry, finally got picture to post. thanks.
  4. Looks like the Ultimate Soft. That's a great bag too - you can't go wrong with either that or the GST.
  5. Gst!
  6. Can't go wrong either way, but I do think the Ultimate soft is a gorgeous bag, less structured. Are you looking for a tote or more an everyday bag, some posters have said that the GST can get heavy if carried all day.
  7. i'm looking for an every day bag. i love the gst, still waiting on the black with silver hardware.
  8. Gst!!!
  9. They are both lovely but the Ultimate Soft caves in at the top & it kept slipping off my shoulder so it didn't work for me. I prefer the GST.
  10. i like both. if you carry a lot of stuff, the gst is better.
  11. I like this one... it's softer.
  12. Hi, where did you find that ultimate soft.:nuts: I thought there were no more to be found? That said I would love But do you want it to carry alot such as for work or simply a nice looking bag on your arm? I say ultimate soft because you can always get the GST.
  13. I like more structured bags, so my vote it the GST
  14. i have the ultimate soft, and i'm also buying the GST w/ silver
  15. I love them both but if you can only get one I'd go with the GST