This bag or a red chanel classic

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  1. I am wanting a red bag:heart:
    Do you think I should keep this LV I just purchased today or wait for a red classic flap? well..It seems like there is no red classic anywhere...
    this LV bag is actually super cute! But once I started my chanel journey, it is very difficult to love other brands. what do you think???
    Thanks for giving me all the advises I needed...we are like chanel sisters:crybaby:
  2. def a red chanel!! :heart:
  3. RED CHANEL :heart::heart::heart:
  4. I've got that LV bag in white. It's uber chic but does not measure up to a red Chanel classic. Hope it helps :P
  5. Your in the chanel forum so RED CHANEL here too :roflmfao:
  6. I was contemplating between both red bags before they came out..
    But once I saw the LV roxburry, I changed my mind and decided to go for Chanel classic flap!:tup:
    I still haven't got the opportunity to check out my Chanel store if they still have it tho..hopefully they still do..:s
    So if you can get hold of the Chanel, just return the roxbury.. Just my opinion..:graucho:

  7. Red Chanel.
  8. red CHANEL hands down :yes:
  9. red chanel!!
  10. Red Chanel, its too cute to miss out on, plus there is going to be price hike soon, so don't delay!!!!!
  11. Red chanel!
  12. I say go for the CHANEL!!!! :yahoo:
  13. the lv is pretty but nothing can beat a red flap its gorgeous !!
  14. I could not have said this better myself!:yes:
  15. Definitely a red Chanel classic flap! If you really want one, I'm sure there are some floating around. I just got my red Jumbo from NM!