This bag is....TOO OLD FOR ME!?!

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  1. After a month of debating on what clutch to buy, from a variety of brands like Balenciaga, Lavin, Jimmy Choo, etc, I've finally come back to Louis Vuitton and narrowed down to the Belaia clutch.

    When I was ready to purchase it on the upcoming weekend, I showed this to my mom and she said, it looks like a bag my dad would carry. It's too old for your age..........

    And it made me look at the clutch again, in another perspective. Is it too old for me?!? And then she pointed to the clutch right beside the Belaia clutch the Saint Louis Pochette and said that would be a better alternative, and so now I'm extremely torn...again.

    Which one would you choose?
    The belaia clutch looks masculine and sophisticated, but it looks old..I guess. But I will use it for the years to come and never sell my bags anyways.

    The Saint Louis Pochette is a lot more casual, and the purpose of buying a clutch would have to be durability/casual-ness as I will use it alot and knock it around a lot.

    Dimensions are about the same, the Belaia would be a tad bit larger which size doesn't matter a lot to me for either one. Both big enough for my uses.

    I'm 18 years old, and a guy by the way.

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  2. I am 18 also, but honestly both clutches are a little too 'grown-up' (I am very sorry!). But well, maybe I am just too girly to understand men's perspective on bags lol.
  3. I think it depends on the purpose of the clutch. To me the Belaia is more formal and the Saint Louis would be more of a day time clutch. Id go for the one you will get the most use out of.
    I dont think either look too old, I think they look like classic pieces you could keep for years.
  4. I really like the belaia clutch. I guess it depends on your style. It is definitely dressier than the damier print.
  5. I intend to use this clutch for everyday casually. I do agree the Belaia is a little more dressy, but I usually dress, well dressily. (Is that a word?) My parents have a problem with the way I dress...because I dress really maturely, like I'm 25.....
  6. So should I not get either one?
  7. I also like the Belaia clutch and don't think it will look too old on you. This is a totally classic style and is usable at every age in my opinion!

    The Damier clutch is less nice than the Belaia clutch - I think its design is somehow imperfect.

  8. If it for myself, I would not get either of them but will be looking at the Balenciaga clutches instead. However, if you like it, I don't see anything wrong with getting it! I do like the style of the first one more, but I am always dress too girly for that. I don't think you need to be dressed up well all the time to be wearing nice bags, heck I wear my Chanel flaps with Uggs and sneakers all the time :smile:
  9. I will go for the will be 18, only this year, you will be getting mature and the Belaia will "age" with you...
  10. 'Old' guys here don't carry bags - I wish my husband would instead of stuffing his pockets. I like the first one (unless the other comes in Graphite) and I think it would look great on an 18 year old guy.
  11. Which one do you desire more? I would go with what draws you than what other people perceive fits you.
  12. belaia would be perfect
  13. I like the black clutch. It's very nice looking for a guy to carry. It will make you look older but also classy & sophisticated. It does not make you look as old as your dad-old though. Lol Also it's not in-your-face & I love the modern look of the black & silver. I say go for it! Better mature than immature. :smile: Good luck!
  14. I say go for the belaia clutch.
    It depends on your needs and preferences, ultimately.
  15. Belaia looks nice!!!!! It says something about you that you see the class and sophistication at such a young age. Maybe your mom doesn't see it. But think about it as fine wine, the older you get the finer it'll be. It seems timeless to me. Especially if you dress an equal way. It wouldn't work with a typical teenager outfit though so you'll have to think about what to pair it with. I'm sure you'll make it work. It'll make you feel good dressing up to show it off. Don't listen to people who think something is too old for you unless they're offering you a reindeer sweater. Just say no to that lol.