This bag is soooo fab!!

  1. I love that colour:heart:
  2. AWESOME DEAL!!!:nuts:
  3. Let-trade always has such great prices! :nuts:
  4. Wohooo!
  5. Let-Trade rocks.:heart:
  6. gooooooooood price!!!!
    I think you should go for it hehe
  7. That's a real real deal , this color is no longer made.
  8. wowowowowowow!! what a beauty!
  9. Love the color... and my favourite Suhali bag :love:
  10. Totally beautiful, that colour is fantastic!:love:
  11. congrats, nice colour
  12. Stunning color there!
  13. What a day I had bag shopping!!!!
    I just ordered a geranium L'ingenieux for the wife only 13 left in the country. We first saw that bag in April, Then again on ebay its a hard bag to find. I had almost given up. So I hinted would you mind used suhali for xmas. She said didn't care.
    So I spent an afternoon calling around with the help of a rep. We located one in Texas but the rep called back said it was scratched on the clasp small hairline cannot sell? She did however point me to another store and I was told this one never saw the floor more than perfect. It will be here by Tuesday with free shipping based on price. I never knew there was a forum for purses its a great thing you guys have here. I'm trying to get my wife into posting on the forum so she would leave me alone. I stay in watch forums and she gets upset. So I am hoping the bags will keep her off my back.
    This will be the second I got her a blue epee sufflot in April as a thank you for my new daughter Cait who was born 5/9. Wife's birthday is 10/10 so this is a birthday and glad you are back to work gift. :smile: ;) as I had to cut back on my watch spending while we had only one paycheck LOL.