this bag is on elux now! grab it if you want it!

  1. [​IMG]
  2. They also have azur speddies in 25 and 30!
  3. out of stock... i don't see it. :crybaby: oh, well... i shouldn't be spending any more money.
  4. :nuts: WHAT!? Geesh, i love Elux! haha, any tpfer grab them goodies?
  5. All Gone I Just Looked.
  6. I saw it, but I couldn't buy it:crybaby:
    the pochette is still there...
  7. It pops up again. Just click "New arrivals":smile:
  8. Thanks for sharing =)
  9. thanks 4 posting!!
  10. Thanks for sharing- I finally found the azur 30:yahoo:
  11. I got the Azur Speedy 25 this morning. :yahoo: Hopefully the order goes through this time and doesn't get cancelled on me.
  12. Did you get an e-mail from them right after ordering ? I did this time.
  13. I cant figure out why the Rivet pochette is 630??Its 675 in the stores!!!..I just ordered it,I got a confirmation too...
  14. THERE ARE MORE AZUR 30's on the website now!!