This bag is oh SO not me, but I love it anyways...

  1. This is a just for fun question...

    Is there an LV bag that is so VERY not your style, BUT you LOVE it anyways... And (follow up question) have you bought that bag but never used it, just took it out and looked at it every now and again?

    For me it would be the MC Speedy (white). I LOVE looking at this bag, but it's just not my style. Haven't bought it but have been oh soooo tempted..... (even with knowing that I'd probably never use it!).

    I think this must be some type of LV illness! :p
  2. Probably any monogram denim bags... i like looking at them but when it

    comes to buying one..its not really something I would think of ...

    It would be too much denim with my jeans.. but I like it when I see it on

    others! especially the neo cabby
  3. The multicolor line. I love it when I see it in the store but I don't think I'd ever buy it. The only thing that might find its way to my closet is the wapity. As for a bag I never used and just looked at, the trevi. I had it for exactly a month and took it back. I never used it, the one day that I tried it was too hard to get in and out of.
  4. anything vernis. i love looking at different bags in the different colors. but i feel like its to shiny for me.
  5. I agree. I love vernis and all the pretty vernis colors, but I don't think a vernis bag is "me". Vernis accessories on the other hand I'm all about!!
  6. Definitely anything in the Multicolor Line. It's pretty but something about it says "teens to 20 something age appropriate".
  7. The Denim the look of them, especially the black denim, but something that is too youthful for me
  8. Damier, it's a great line but totally not me. The closest I'll ever get to it is Azur.
  9. I agree with the vernis... I own the Houston, but I wouldn't buy any other pieces, I just feel they are too high maintenance!
  10. Miroir!

    I think it's absolutely stunning! But I just can't see that I'd actually ever wear it. I LVoe looking at everybody's pictures, though. I wish they'd make a Miroir agenda. I'd definitely buy that!
  11. yup, I LOVE all my bags, but some are just not "me" or I don't have the occasion to wear them. Eg:

    MC speedy--> way too loud for me... but I love colours and it's sooo girly. I'll never sell it either cuz it's an LV classic. It MADE HISTORY!!! lol

    Miroir Lockit--> umm... ya this is just screaming for attention lol. I never truly liked the miroir line, but I got it cuz of the hype we had last year... I tried selling it but no one wanted it, so YAY I get to keep my bag!!! woohoo!!! lol
  12. this has never happened to me yet... if i love something, i'm gonna want it...
  13. yes! oh, so many!
    i love epi but it's too simplistic and chic for me. i'm more of a funky, casual girl so that's why i love multicolore the most.
    i also love the suhali bags but again, i feel i'm too immature for them. haha!
  14. I don't have but really want a denim neo's not really "me" but I can't stop looking @ it!
  15. I have bought many bags that I thought was me and it was not and also bags that I buy just because I wanted a new bag that I thought was not me but ended up loving it. I guess sometimes it is the mood your in. Also our style changes from time to time.