This bag is gorgeous!

  1. It certainly is! It's been on eBay forever though- I don't think it'll ever get sold.
  2. Gorgeous and oh so expensive
  3. I would give my left kidney for the PM version of it!

    I wonder what the retail price was....
  4. I don't think I'd give a kidney for this bag.... but it sure is fine! I'd love to see a version of it with a long strap!!
  5. only jessica simpson could afford that... it's the cost of a new car!
  6. :yes: So stunning though.
  7. beautiful but expensive!!!
  8. Definitely on my list of "wish i had the money to buy it"
  9. aww lala :drool: but + $14,000 ? LOL

  10. I would practically give my left LUNG for it!!! LOL....
  11. its a beauty but i would rather buy a birkin with that money
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