This Bag Is Gorgeous!!!

  1. I just posted this minutes ago and now it's deleted....
    Here it is again!!!
    I love the color its gorgeous in person!!!
    cornflower 004.jpg cornflower 001.jpg cornflower 002.jpg cornflower 003.jpg
  2. OMG, you're tooooooooooooooo cute moe, congratulations :love:
  3. Thanks babe!!!!! You're a doll!!!!!
  4. gorgeous--congrats moe!! I love the play-by-play! ;)
  5. Congrats, Moe! That's so cute that it was wrapped in Hello Kitty paper!:heart: Is that a Cornflower? It's a beautiful color!:flowers:
  6. its lovely! congrats!
  7. wow moe u were fast with getting another balenciaga bag. It's gorgeous!!!
  8. Congratulations Moe, it looks wonderful : ) I enjoyed the slow unwrapping and the cute tissue paper : ) Wear her in the best of health!

    I wish you well,

  9. Beautiful new bag!!! Congrats!
  10. i like the wrapping paper. congrats!
  11. Beautiful! Is that Cornflower?
  12. Love the bag, I am really into blue bags lately!
  13. Love the color, congratulations!!!
  14. Congratulations!!!

    I love the way you presented the photos--we get to share your excitement!

    It's a beautiful bag!!!
  15. Congratulations!!!
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