This bag is cute, anyone is looking for it?

  1. omggg its so hottt what is that ?
  2. I LOVE IT!!! It's so adorable!! I want something in the lizard as well but the price just doesn't fit within my budget :crybaby:
  3. i wish i can get it too...but too pricey for me.:crybaby:
  4. That´s the pastel glitter sac fermoir gm. Beautiful.
  5. soo cute! perfect for summer!
  6. that's really cute!
  7. so cute
  8. to cute
  9. omg.. hot!!! too poor to buy it! :crybaby:
  10. WoW :nuts: I'm in love...^^
  11. mmmm nice bag!
  12. ooh..that bag's pretttttyyyy :smile:
  13. That's adorable! I've actually never seen that..
  14. One word: WOW... :nuts: